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In most banks you can get a free card without paying any commission, the only conditions are Romanian citizenship and a minimum age of 18 years. Thus, you can visit the bank’s website, where you will fill in the necessary information, and they will tell you when and at which office you will have to pick up the requested bank card. On the other hand, for bank credit cards, you need more documents than in the previous case.

tax return

Depending on internal policies, some banks may require you to submit additional documents. You can choose a credit card that can only be used within the country or an international card. If you apply for a loan online, you can use any card issued by a bank. So, a quick way to get a loan is to apply for a bank card online, then go to the bank to pick up the card, and then also apply for a quick loan online, with which you will get money deposited in your account in an account of very little weather.

«How can I get a card?» The answer to the question. You can find it here. It is easy! After a few days, you can withdraw your card at the bank branch of your choice. For security reasons, the card can only be retrieved by you. If for some reason you want someone else to take your newly issued card from the bank, this is only possible with permission.

Once the card is retrieved, it must be registered. You will need to go to an ATM and enter the PIN and card you received from your bank. If you enter a wrong password 3 times in a row, the card will be frozen. In this case, you must go to the issuing bank and fill out an unlock request.

You will then receive a new PIN that you need to change, similar to the initial verification.

2. Card registration – Card payments

The main reason a card is useful is for payment. Now that you know how to make a card and what documents are required for a bank card, you should know that in addition to the classic methods for making transactions, there are others, detailed here.

2.1. Token card payment


A token is the virtual version of your physical card. With this token, you can pay with your phone. The tokens are stored in a secure digital space, so you can be sure that your payments are safe.

The token is an additional service, which works through the bank’s application. Practically, it generates a dynamic password (valid for a limited time) through which you will authenticate yourself in the application and automatically authorize payments, instantly, either with the resources obtained through a loan or with your clean funds.

The token is valid until the physical card expires. After that, it needs to be set up again. Most of the time this is done automatically, so you will most likely be able to pay with your phone before you receive your new card.

Contactless transactions are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, all you have to do is enter your bank’s app and bring your phone closer to the point of sale. In addition, for amounts less than 100 lei, it is not necessary to enter the PIN code. Most of the points of sale today are contactless, which makes payments much faster. There is no contactless transaction limit, you can do as many as you want per day, all recorded. They are protected by the same security systems as standard transactions, being processed by the same global network.

2.2. Recurring payment with registered card

Recurring payments are those that are made periodically. Most banks have this option for the convenience of customers. Specifically, this means that at regular intervals, set by you, automatic payments will be made.

This module is useful in the following cases:

    • evaluate
    • monthly subscriptions
    • fixed bills
    • predetermined monthly donations
    • periodic fees

If you have an installment loan, you can set them to be paid automatically, monthly, on a date set with the lender. On the other hand, you can opt for a loan until you receive your salary in a single installment, when, also automatically, the entire amount owed will be withdrawn. Also, if you have several accounts, you can schedule the periodic transfer of certain amounts between them. For example, you can open a savings account that will automatically receive a portion of your monthly salary from your main account.

The recurring payment with the registered card has the advantage of saving you time. at the same time, you avoid unpleasant situations where you can forget about unpaid bills. Therefore, we are talking about an optimization of payments, for the benefit of all interested parties.

3. I want to get a card – Other situations

As a cardholder, certain specific situations require your attention. Discover them here.


• Card expiration date

Having the card registered in the bank’s database, your employees will be aware of the expiration date. Therefore, in most cases, the card will automatically renew if it has been used in the last 6 months. It is also a way for the bank to retain its customers and you will only be contacted to pick up your new card. Some banks even offer you the possibility of having it delivered by courier. However, it is your duty to take all necessary steps before the expiration date.

In addition, immediately after receiving the new valid card, you must enter the new data where your bank details are required.

• Loans

Card funds can also come from bank loans or non-financial institutions. Experts recommend borrowing money wisely and doing as much research as possible before taking this step.

For the newsletter online credit, you only need identification documents and card information (card number, expiration date, associated IBAN). If you choose a bank credit card, in addition to these you will need other documents (credit card application, profit and loss statement, account statement, consultation agreement with the credit bureau).

In addition to requiring less documentation, another benefit of NFI loans is that you can choose a loan that does not require a credit bureau check and your account will receive the money if the situation represented in the financial report is not good. Stuck for a short period of time.

• Account status

Account statements are documents where you can see the transaction history for a certain period of time (usually monthly). In addition to the index of these transactions, in the account statement you can also see the data of the cardholder and the bank, the type of account and currency, and the customer code.

Each transaction is detailed, so you can see:

    • where and who (first name, last name) sent you money
    • how much, where and when did you pay
    • where the cash withdrawals were made
    • fees and commissions retained by the bank
    • recurring payments

Statements are available online in electronic format (PDF, CSV, XSLX) and paper if you request them at a branch. In addition, some banks offer you the possibility of receiving monthly paper statements at a fixed date and address.

This document is mainly to understand what is happening in your account. Also, it is required in certain situations, such as when you want to get a loan or even get credit over the phone or online. As an indicator of your financial situation, creditors will want to know your principal income in order to determine as accurately as possible the amount to be loaned to you. Another situation that must be declared is employment, since it contains the IBAN that the employer will use to transfer your salary.

The card is passive. This makes your transactions much easier, but there are some aspects that require your attention. Certain documents are required to obtain a bank card. In the meantime, once you get it, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of payments you can make in addition to standard payments (token card payments and recurring payments). Finally, do not forget that you can benefit from a loan and account statements can be requested.

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