Fraudulent card transactions: what you need to know to avoid it



Card payments are generally safe as they are made on a secure platform. Sometimes, however, you can become a victim of Internet scams if you are the target of scams you didn’t know existed.

To always be safe and not risk losing your money, you should know that there are several methods by which unauthorized persons can access your account. You can learn more about them and how to avoid or fix the problems below.

1. What are the types of credit card fraud and what to watch out for?

If you lose your card or make a payment on an unsecured website, you may see suspicious transactions in your online banking account, including:

Make payments to merchants you don’t remember buying anything from;
Withdraw cash in other countries or other currencies.

If your card isn’t lost, it’s good to know that there are some common methods that can be used to defraud card transactions. It is always good to know about them beforehand to make sure there are no dangers. Thus, you can immediately identify the problem.

shock method

This is a common method of making fraudulent transactions. A stranger convinces you over the phone to send him a certain amount of money by card to pay a relative involved in a car accident.

fictitious succession or winning the lottery

Sometimes a scammer may call you and tell you that you have received an unexpected inheritance and that if you pay them in advance and give them your personal information, they will send you the money. The same thing can happen if you’re told you won the lottery, even if you never signed up.

Cooperating without knowing the reason for the fraudulent transfer

Sometimes you can find association announcements for certain offers. Thieves use these methods to move funds through other people to avoid being caught. Do not contact strangers who are willing to perform certain banking transactions on your behalf.

2. How to avoid credit card fraud or when it happens

To avoid scams, always be wary of online offers that are too good to be true. Don’t deal with people you don’t know because they promise quick money. Also, beware of sites that pay for online orders. They must be secured, that is, a lock symbol must appear in the lower left corner next to the link address.

When you notice suspicious fraudulent transactions in your online account, you should immediately call your bank to have the card frozen. Therefore, someone who has your data will not have access to your money. The same applies when you no longer own the card.

If you have a large amount of money on your card that you need to use before you can get it back, applying for an emergency loan online can be a solution so you can pay as you go.

Also, another solution is to apply for a loan before receiving your salary or non-bank loans, which are easily available online and do not require additional documents:

Copy of the account statement showing the income of the last month.

In the unlikely event that you lose your card and have to freeze it, you will have to use someone else’s card to receive the loan. You should also ask how to charge with the new card if you can’t find the old card in time.

These are the main aspects to take into account on how to avoid fraudulent transactions or when you are a victim of this type of practice. Be careful when paying online, and if you lose your card, call your bank immediately.

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