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If you’re thinking about distributing your income, you’re probably wondering how you can do it. In the past, having multiple streams of income was often difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, things have changed and the Internet has made everything easier, faster, more accessible, and has even created multiple sources of money.

Remember, the richest people in the world have an average of seven sources of income. So if you want to learn more, read on and find out what are the most common sources of additional income.

1. What is income support?

Additional income means you receive money from multiple passive sources at the same time. Passive income is the income a person earns without directly working a job. This can be done by opening an online business or by owning rental properties.

With other sources you don’t have to do as much or as efficiently, although you may have to do some initial work. In other words, you can go on vacation, because the property has income and the online products continue to sell and you earn income from it.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of additional income

As in any other situation, in this case too there can be advantages and disadvantages.


Beyond the actual earnings, there are several reasons to consider creating multiple streams of income, including:

    • It is easier to create multiple small income-producing streams than one large one. For example, it is easier to create three flows that generate 500 lei than one that generates 1,500 lei;
    • This reduces the risk of ending up with no income. If one of the sources declines, you still have to manage the others;
    • It helps you avoid boredom and routine at work by giving you different things to do every day.


Of course, there are also some challenges related to the existence of additional income:

    • It can be difficult to keep track of all tasks from each source;
    • You need to strike a balance to pay enough attention to each stream of income to keep them profitable;
    • Getting started may involve an investment of time and energy.

3. What are the most common sources of additional income?

For most people, salary is the main source of income. The goal, however, is to maximize it so that it generates secondary sources of profit.

How do you do that? First, you must have the highest possible salary and save at least 15% each month. This will be your money to invest!

These days there are many ways to earn extra money. However, investors, large or small, seem to prefer the following:

    • Investments: Most people diversify their income through investments. However, it is important to analyze why you are investing because at some point you will use the profits for something. Many people save for retirement by investing in life insurance, private pension funds, or bank deposits. In these cases, the profit comes from the interest earned.However, investing means not only money for dark days, but also income generation. Thus, you can use the money saved from your salary to invest it in stocks, bonds or investment funds. If you have not saved enough, you can opt for a quick loan and invest the money you get. From the profit, you can repay the borrowed amount, and what is left will be your profit
    • Settlement: Buying real estate is another common method of generating additional income. It is very similar to investing, in that you use money to buy the property, and it will return earnings in the form of rents within a certain period of time. This method involves costs, as the building must be kept in good condition to maximize profit.
    • Online business or hobby: The third most common way to earn extra money is to start a business. It can be online or offline and can often be born out of a passion that you have. In fact, it is a method accessible to everyone, including retirees and mothers – categories of people who spend more time at home. For example, if you love crafting, you can sell it online, or if you’re good at social media, you can do marketing for different businesses.

So the idea is to diversify your income and add new sources. You can choose almost any of the categories above, and the important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be too difficult or super rich, or take a long time to get started. .

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