The 11 best CRMs for real estate in 2023

Having the best software tools today is essential for companies in the real estate sector: a real estate CRM is the right tool for those dedicated to the sale and rental of properties, as it allows you to automate processes, generate real estate marketing strategies , manage and nurture your relationships with current clients and prospects, have a reliable system to store your contact information and manage it correctly.

In addition, these digital resources make their daily tasks easier for your employees, so they can increase their productivity and offer higher quality customer service.

In this article we will present you a list of the 11 best software solutions for 2023 for the sector dedicated to the sale of real estate and properties, as well as the benefits to boost your business.

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1.  HubSpot CRM

CRM example for real estate in 2023: HubSpot CRM

  • Price: Free option and subscription plans starting at $45/month
  • Language: Spanish, English and others.

HubSpot’s CRM is designed around the idea of ​​creating a system that can be used by any employee in your company: sales executives, marketers, customer service teams, operations managers and even executives. This makes our tool the best option for any type of commercial operation, including real estate.

With HubSpot’s CRM you can serve your clients and, at the same time, monitor the performance of your employees, design your website and manage the contents of your blog; all this from one place. This is not to mention the incredible tools for generating analytics, chatbots and ticket creation options to follow up with customers.

We know that security is essential for the real estate market, so all your information will be available and secure for you and for those who manage each account, which allows you to have greater control of the data and confidentiality.

2. Tokko Broker

Example of CRM for real estate agencies in 2023: Tokko Broker

Image by Tokko Broker

  • Price: Subscription plans from $69 per month
  • Spanish Language

Tokko Broker is the platform used by some of the largest real estate agencies in Latin America.

Its CRM has an opportunities module ready to optimize client management, an inter-real estate network designed to expand the portfolio of its users and a tracking technology that autonomously manages the content published on your site. All this accompanied by a design system for your website and integration of chatbots and search engines, among other functions.

In addition, Tokko Broker complements its CRM with a dissemination system that makes properties for rent or for sale quickly reach the audiences of interest.

3. Inmovilla

Example of CRM for real estate agencies in 2023: Inmovilla

Image of Inmovilla

  • Price: Free option and subscription plans from $70 per month
  • Spanish Language

Inmovilla is a good option for companies in that sector because it is really intuitive and easy to use.

Inmovilla’s CRM is optimized for real estate management, web page design, connection with portals and consultation of real estate stocks. Altogether, this tool enhances your presence and helps you create unique experiences for your customers.

With its mobile application, designers, managers and employees can carry out their tasks from anywhere. One more advantage: Inmovilla’s CRM automatically integrates a virtual reality viewer of the properties you offer.

4. Nocnok

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: Nocnok

Image by Nocnok

  • Price: Free option and subscription plans from $40 per month
  • Spanish Language

Its name has made this CRM one of the most popular in the real estate sector, but its functionalities have also made it one of the most used in Mexico.

This CRM offers its clients a greater presence in the most recognized portals for buying and selling real estate, so it will link you with the portfolios of other companies with a large presence, for the simple fact of using its storage tools and design of your website.

In addition, you can organize your offers, communicate with your customers, optimize your online pages and obtain metrics on both your performance and that of your competition. It includes a mortgage loan prequalification tool ideal for obtaining contacts and profiling your clients to the ideal banking institutions.

5. HabitatSoft

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: HabitatSoft

Image by HabitatSoft

  • Price: Free option and subscription plans starting at $26/month
  • Language: Spanish, English and others

HabitatSoft is a solution designed for SMEs and large companies, which has a portfolio of more than 8,000 agencies around the world, mainly in Spain.

The company’s CRM stands out for having: personalized panel, tools for the management and organization of your property portfolio, publication of offers in a single click, support to comply with current regulations regarding data protection, sales funnel that facilitates the relationship with the customer and functionalities to automate customer service processes, so you will hardly lose sales opportunities.

6. EasyBroker

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: EasyBroker

Image from EasyBroker

  • Price: Subscription plans from $25/month
  • Spanish Language

EasyBroker is one of the most recognized options in the software market for real estate companies with more than 15,000 clients in Central America.

Design and communication have been the main differentiators of this company, since with EasyBroker’s CRM it is really easy to link your WhatsApp username and share information with your clients, as well as design optimized pages for the real estate sector and for the use of mobile devices. 

7. Furniture

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: Mobilia

Mobilia image

  • Price: Subscription plans from $45 per month
  • Spanish Language

Mobilia is the option most chosen by the most demanding real estate agencies in Spain. This company’s offer includes a CRM, websites, applications, integration with other real estate portfolios and unbeatable personal treatment from its agents.

It also offers data availability through cloud storage that is completely secure and high-performance. With its mobile application this data becomes accessible from anywhere (according to the restrictions that you have defined yourself).

Likewise, they have a single portal for the client, from where they can access the private information of their offers, immediately contact one of your representatives and update the property data.

8. 2clicks

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: 2 clicks

2-click image

  • Price: Subscription plans from $40 per month
  • Spanish Language

One of the most popular platforms among Argentines is 2clics. This CRM offers the basic tools to manage relationships with your clients in an efficient, fast and secure way.

It helps you design websites without code, it has functions for attention to priority leads, communication tracking, a mobile application to track your pending tasks and keep your communication channels optimized; as well as technical support willing to solve all your doubts.

9. Optima-CRM

Example of CRM for real estate agencies in 2023: Optima-CRM

Optima-CRM Image

  • Price: available through a sales manager
  • Language: Spanish, English and 10 other languages

This software offering is an intelligent, complete, easy, affordable and secure alternative, which incorporates all the necessary tools for customer management.

Innovation is its main task: it takes into account the opinions of its customers and constantly incorporates updates to keep the companies’ websites and communication channels at the forefront.

It will keep you in communication with your clients and offer them residential, commercial or industrial solutions from anywhere and with the complete security that your information is backed up.

10. KiteProp

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: KiteProp

Image by KiteProp

  • Price: Subscription plans from $30/month
  • Spanish Language

KiteProp is another Argentine alternative that seeks to offer a good CRM tool suitable for small businesses or independent sellers. 

KiteProp’s CRM is especially useful for managing property brokerages, automating the process of relocating the best offers and centralizing your data on the same platform, from which your employees and trusted personnel can collaborate.

Without a doubt, this is a modern, simple and accessible alternative for all audiences that does not require software installation, programming knowledge or large investments.

11. Clientify

CRM example for real estate agencies in 2023: Clientify

Image from Clientify

  • Price: Subscription plans from $39 per month
  • Language: Spanish, English and others

Clientify’s CRM is one of the most comprehensive since it not only considers customer service and the design of web experiences as the most important thing when managing consumer relationships, but also sales processes, marketing and SEO.

Through its system, clients can obtain unique metrics about their performance and that of competitors, follow up on cases, serve clients, integrate tools such as chatbots and even add contracting stages with electronic signatures.

Do you want to know how a company in the real estate sector can improve its performance and increase its sales? We invite you to read this case study: from  the moment they decided to acquire HubSpot and began working with the Inbound methodology, Vivendex has managed to increase organic visits to its website, obtain more qualified leads, increase conversion rates and automate the process between marketing and sales.

Now you know some of the best CRM options for the real estate market, choose the solution that best suits your company and allows you to offer the best experience for your clients.

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